Gov. Nikki Haley Vetoes Arts Education Funding

Update, July 7: The SC Senate voted 33-3 to OVERRIDE Veto #21. $1 million more in recurring funds for arts education is returned to the state budget, the veto is defeated in both Chambers. Update, July 6: The SC House voted 102-16 to OVERRIDE Veto #21. The veto now heads to the SC Senate on … Continue reading Gov. Nikki Haley Vetoes Arts Education Funding

Gentrification & the Arts

No one in the arts field wants gentrification. [Correction, almost no one wants gentrification. I once was in a meeting where someone said, "This area will be great once it gets gentrified." I was floored. That guy is the exception.] Gentrification is an easy concept to understand, but it's hard to admit when it's happening. … Continue reading Gentrification & the Arts

Staying Relevant and Staying Alive

There's been a lot of talk the past two weeks or so in the arts world on the question of, "Should we let arts organizations die?"  It was all sparked by a session at this year's Americans for the Arts Convention in Nashville, co-hosted by Devon Smith, and her subsequent post on the matter.  Devon's … Continue reading Staying Relevant and Staying Alive