Change in the Air

On July 1, I will become the new executive director for the South Carolina Arts Alliance. Below is the release from the SCAA. More information will be coming soon. I will not be moving, the SCAA office will relocate from Rock Hill to somewhere in the Upstate of SC (exact location TBD). I will be … Continue reading Change in the Air


Don’t Ask Me Who I’m Voting For

This post was inspired by my friend Elizabeth's recent post which hits a similar vein. Go read and follow her blog - she's great. At a recent family reunion of sorts, the first question asked of me by my relatives wasn't the usual "Are you married yet?" (my relatives seem to have decided that it's best … Continue reading Don’t Ask Me Who I’m Voting For

Making Arts Education Stronger in South Carolina

  September 13 - 19 is National Arts in Education week.  A time when we all can take a step back and appreciate the role the arts have played in our own educational development, and how the arts can be used to improve the education of our future generations.  In our own state of South Carolina, … Continue reading Making Arts Education Stronger in South Carolina

Gov. Nikki Haley Vetoes Arts Education Funding

Update, July 7: The SC Senate voted 33-3 to OVERRIDE Veto #21. $1 million more in recurring funds for arts education is returned to the state budget, the veto is defeated in both Chambers. Update, July 6: The SC House voted 102-16 to OVERRIDE Veto #21. The veto now heads to the SC Senate on … Continue reading Gov. Nikki Haley Vetoes Arts Education Funding

Gentrification & the Arts

No one in the arts field wants gentrification. [Correction, almost no one wants gentrification. I once was in a meeting where someone said, "This area will be great once it gets gentrified." I was floored. That guy is the exception.] Gentrification is an easy concept to understand, but it's hard to admit when it's happening. … Continue reading Gentrification & the Arts

Greenville’s Problem with Live Music

There is a TEDx Salon happening Tuesday, January 20 in Greenville (tickets are already gone).  I can't go and I am truly bummed (I have a meeting all night I cannot miss).  The topic this month? "Why Isn't Greenville A Music Town?" So I wanted to put this out there as my way of contributing … Continue reading Greenville’s Problem with Live Music