Make Room

I keep a folder on my iPhone along the bottom row for the apps that I use the most aside from email, phone, and text. The folder title is always the "theme" I pick for the upcoming year every New Years. For the past 12 months, that folder's name has been "Go Get It". I … Continue reading Make Room

When the Floor Creaks

It's a typical series of events. Scooby-Doo and his gang of meddling teenagers enter a dark and gloomy house late at night. They make their way through spider webs, pass a few mysteriously lit candles amongst a deserted dinner table, and slowly make their way around the house in search of the truth. At some … Continue reading When the Floor Creaks

Spread Joy

At a recent meeting in DC, I sat at a table with nine other colleagues from around the country. Our topic for the day was "The Future of Arts & Creativity in America." Conversations throughout the day wavered from the impact of the election on the arts to cultural shifts in community arts initiatives, to … Continue reading Spread Joy