May 7 is National Teacher Day.  In celebration, I’d like to change up my blog content to thank some special folks.


To the Pre-K teacher who wrote my name on the “Smiley Face” side of the board;

To the Kindergarten teacher who had a fantastic classroom toy selection;

To the First Grade teacher who introduced me to a computer;

To the Second Grade teacher who made science fun;

To the Third Grade teacher who was the first to drop a curse word in front of the class;

To the Fourth Grade teacher who had a “Student of the Week” award, and gave it to me four times;

To the Fifth Grade teacher who made me realize I don’t really like Math;

To the Sixth Grade teacher who let us create a petition to allow recess for the entire Middle School;

To the Seventh Grade teacher who introduced me to my favorite band and inspired me to pick up a guitar;

To the Eighth Grade teacher who took time before and after school to help me with Algebra;

To the Ninth Grade teacher who changed my name and put me on the path I’ve never left;

To the Tenth Grade teacher who put up with probably the worst class ever, though we loved him for it;

To the Eleventh Grade teacher who let us watch Amadeus, Titanic, and Pirates of the Caribbean;

To the Twelfth Grade teacher who understood and stood up for us;

To the Professor who became my mentor and friend, and has shaped me more than they know;

To the Professor who showed us how to stand up in front of a crowd and not waver in our objectives;

To the Professor who knew what was really important (and it wasn’t the grade);

To the Professor who trusted my judgement when others did not;

To the Department, Dean and College that gave me more than I could ask;

To the numerous friends who decided to teach;

And to the two teachers who taught me how to walk, talk, argue and laugh –

Thank you.


Your Student.

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