I wanted to share with everyone this great idea I came across on Twitter today.

#FundraisingFriday is a movement aimed at getting people to donate $10 every Friday through the end of 2012 to one of their favorite nonprofits.

I love this idea, and have jumped on the bandwagon, and I encourage you to do so as well.  This is a great way to make an impact.  Every dollar counts to a nonprofit, so don’t think you’re $10 doesn’t mean anything.  Those smaller donations add up quick, and nonprofits put those dollars to use right away.

I also think this is a great way for people to start getting used to donating on a regular basis.  Even if you can’t do it every week, maybe do it once every month.  It feels good to give back.  If you can’t decide where to send your $10, you can always peruse sites like Kickstarter.com and find a project you think is worthy of your hard-earned cash.  Or you can always donate it the Mauldin Cultural Center (shameless plug…can’t help it)!

Be sure to tweet about where you’ve donated your money, or at least that you’ve participated and help spread the word!